Our Emotional Behavioral Outpatient Program is a twelve week program for teens thirteen through seventeen years of age dealing with emotional and/or behavioral issues. 

Topics that will be covered during groups include but are not limited to:

-Depression and Anxiety
-Anger and Stress Management
-Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
-Conflict Resolution
-Communication Skills
-Thought Stopping
-Neurobiology of Depression/Anxiety
-Developing Coping Skills
-Managing Mood Swings
-Improving decision making skills
-Leadership Skills
-Assertiveness Skills
-Shame and Guilt
-Relaxation Techniques
-Family dynamics   

Groups are as follows: 
Tuesdays - Process/Teen Education
Thursdays - Multifamily Group
Saturdays - Process/Teen Education

Process - Process Groups will consist of processing time for the teens to talk about how their week has been. They will be encouraged to learn appropriate ways to express their emotions and be taught communication techniques that will help them moderate emotions and build skills to get their needs met. The teens will also learn about the neurobiological dynamics of depression and anxiety and how they can take action to combat some of their symptoms. They will be introduced to some therapeutic art exercises and learn to take ownership and be accountable for their decisions.

Multifamily Group - On Multifamily Group nights, all the teens will bring their parent(s) and will participate in this group where they will have an opportunity to learn how to improve the function of the family and everyone's roles in that family. It will be a great time to get encouragement from other families who are going through the same process. 

Teen Education During the Teen Education group, teens will learn behavior management skills through psychoeducation and cognitive behavioral techniques. This may include psychodrama, sculpting exercises, and learning skills to manage anger and stress, and to learn new coping mechanisms to handle situations that may be uncomfortable or frustrating. 


Each of our programs includes optional psychological testing. To inquire about the cost of the program and current availability, give us a call at (805) 388-3835!