Fun in Sobriety

Many newly-clean and sober people, both adolescents and adults, find themselves asking this question: "What do I do for fun now?" In order for a person who is just out of rehab, or who has made a personal commitment to living a drug-free life, to successfully maintain sobriety, they must establish a plan to have fun without using or drinking. 

Some options may include:

1. Riding a bicycle.

2. Going hiking with some friends.

3. Going bowling.

4. Roller-blading or skating.

5. Joining a social group.

6. Going to an AA or NA Convention (or any other recovery-based activity).

7. Learning to play a musical instrument. 

8. Dining out with friends.

9. Joining a softball, basketball or flag football league. 

10. Learning a craft in a community class.

These are but a handful of suggestions to have sober fun. Many people stop participating in fun and/or recreational activities once using and/or drinking become their primary activity. Some even re-discover these interests once once they get sober.

One important thing to remember is that it should be established beforehand that these activities and outings be drug and alcohol-free. Many newly-clean and sober people feel that they can still participate in activities that include drug or alcohol use, as long as they tell the other attendees that they are abstaining. In my opinion, these can be set-ups for relapse and should be avoided! Remember, fun and recreation are just as essential in maintaining a sober lifestyle as a support or rehab program are. 

For further information or suggestions please contact me at Roundtable Counseling. 

Ed Ramirez

Ed Ramirez is a chemical dependency educator with more than twenty-five years of sobriety. His prior experience involves working in a hospital, in residential treatment, and in an outpatient treatment center for teens with addiction and behavioral issues. He also has been instrumental in developing the Student Assistance Program at many schools throughout Ventura County.

Carolyn Hall