College and Mental Health

When I first began college I was slightly overwhelmed. I felt as if I were lost and navigating the campus and classes had me mildly stressed out. Just to give you a little bit of scope, I went to a junior college (imagine university level). I had come straight from high school and had just emancipated the foster care system. No more cruise control on my life, I now had to figure things out on my own. 

I had a counselor, but she only assisted in signing me up for classes and ensuring I was on the right track to graduate. I needed someone to talk to about the heavy load of classes I was taking and how they were giving me anxiety. I could've used a confidant, as many of us can. 

It felt as though up until recently, once youth went off to college they were not informed of, nor prepared to deal with the changes, the social experiences, and the pressures of college. 

When I began to feel overwhelmed I took less classes and I spent more time volunteering and reading. I was beginning to be obsessed with finishing school " on time" and applying to graduate school.

Pacing myself and dedicating more time to myself was key in my college success. Eventually I was able to see a therapist, but by this time I had self equipped myself with coping skills. 

If you feel overwhelmed in college seek out a therapist and make yourself a priority. Do not put so much pressure on yourself and realize not all of us have the same stressors, so be mindful.   

Carolyn Hall